Tools by and for Sex Workers

At Stella, we produce a ton of tools conceived by and for sex-workers. Some of these tools are also meant for the general public. Offered free for people who work in the sex-trades, Stella's creations each possess their own objectives. If you are a sex-worker and would like to share your expertise through one of our tools, don't hesitate to let us know. And if you would like to get a copy of the following guides, contact us.

Stella's Bulletin
Stella's Bulletin includes the Bad Tricks and Assaulters List, which is a description of the various incidents that are reported to us anonymously every month, in order to make it easier for sex-workers to help each other avoid dangerous situations. It also includes a calendar of Stella's monthly activities and useful informations.

If you've had a bad date, let us know. You can always find someone to talk to at Stella, and we can help if you want to file a complaint, or if you need health services or psychological support. You can give us your description of a bad date, and also a bad cop, by fax, e-mail or telephone, or you can come to Stella to fill out a description sheet, or you can print it and send it to us.

Stella's Bulletin is distributed every month by Stella and by over fifty partner resources. If you want to subscribe to Stella's Bulletin, contact us at Would you like to make such a bulletin in your own area, or to know how to develop services and support for sex-workers in your community? Contact us.

ConStellation 2009
ConStellation Special Working Conditions Stella concocted for you ladies, transvestites, transsexuals sex workers a working tool that covers every aspects to considerate, for all types of work in the business, to work in health, safely and with dignity. This tool, a precious reference guide, is given for free to sex workers and sold 15$ to the curious! Drop by to say hi and get your copy!

Accused of soliciting ont the street?
Information phamphlet to better understand our present solicitation laws.  As well as practical information for those persons accused of street solicitation.

XXX Guide
Guide XXXThe XXX Guide deals with different aspects of your work and offers suggestions and references for living and working with dignity in a healthy and safe environment. It addresses numerous subjects: negotiating a contract or services, safer sex, relations with clients, the law, your rights, managing stress and dealing with society's institutions. The contents focus mainly on the reality of female prostitutes who have male clients. If you work at another job in the sex trade, or you are transsexual or transvestite, you will still find that it contains lots of important information. This advice does not attempt to influence you to commit illegal acts or acts that could harm your health. The guide is meant to help you take control of your life, your work and your working environment.

StripteaseArt of Striptease
With the support of Stella, the Art of Striptease was created by and for women who work in the sex trade as dancers. The Art of Striptease contains loads of information for women who practice the art of nude dancing. The subjects covered include dancing in private, placement agencies, lap dancing (contact dancing), health, etc. This advice, most of it provided by dancers, is meant to help you take control of your life, your work and your working environment. In the winter of 2011, the Quebec Court of Appeals judged that contact-dancing is illegal and punishable (for dancers) with a criminal charge of "being found in a bawdy house". To our knowledge, no arrest have been made in the city of Montreal since this judgement. We are waiting to see how (and if) this new decision will be applied (or not) in Montreal.

Dope Guide
Dope GuideThe Dope Guide covers the various drugs that are on the market, and suggests ways to reduce the risks that come with using them. The guide also provides crucial information if you want to avoid getting pregnant, or if you want to give birth to a healthy baby and keep custody of it once it's born. It also contains information about the law and on your rights with regard to dope. And lastly, you'll find information that may be helpful if you decide to make changes to your drug use or quit entirely.

Available on line, but this pdf is so heavy, we recommand not to donwload it if you don't have a fast Internet access: in English, French, or Inuktitut.

The Hepatitis C Virus
Being sex workers, we are in physical contact with numerous people. It is therefore likely that we are exposed to many transmissible viruses and/or with different STIs (sexually transmissible infections). But let's not forget that it is not only with clients that we put ourselves at risk, it's also with our partners, our boyfriends, girlfrieds or lovers. This small guide on hepatitis C will give you the necessary knowledge to protect yourself and reduce the risk of contagion. You will also find information on the steps to be taken if you are diagnosed hepatitis C positive, as well as useful and specialized resources. Available in French, English, and Inuktitut.

Dear Client. Manual intended for clients of sex workers
Cher clientThis guide is addressed to you, a regular client or one that is preparing for your first visit with a sex worker. We wanted to respond to your questions to demystify our work so that you can have a better understanding of our limits and who we are. We have included information on the types of services offered by sex workers. By knowing what you want, it will be easier for you to express your needs and to negociate an agreement with a sex worker.

In this guide you will also find advice and practical tips on appropriate behaviour with a sex worker. We ask you to be respectful and that you respect the rules of the game and the agreement that you make. We ask you to respect our limits and we demand you not to be violent with us. We insist that you respect the dignity of all sex workers. Finally, we have included information on STIs (sexually transmissible infections). We hope that this information will help you to understand the importance of protecting yourself against infections. The client guide is available online. > New : Querido cliente- Manual para clientes de trabajadoras del sexo

La santé sans censureLa santé sans censure
La Santé Sans Censure is a quirky, short-film produced by Stella’s team in collaboration with Séro-Zéro, as well as with professional film-makers. Surrounded by a 1970s-style décor, Natacha and Jean-François, two sex-workers, played by actors Nathalie Claude and Stéphane Crête, inform clients on healthy and responsible sexual practices. Stella encourages sex-workers to show La Santé Sans Censure at their workplaces. $20 for non-sex-workers. Available in French on You Tube.

10 Reasons to Fight for the Decriminalization of Sex Work This document by Maria Nengeh Mensah and Chris Bruckert (with our contribution too) is available on Slideshare or in PDF.

Sex Work: 14 answers to your questions
Sex Work: 14 answers to your questionsThis booklet is intended for social services and health professionals, police officers and community workers, as well as people from the media, the justice system or the government. Its purpose is to shed light on some preconceived ideas about sex work and to suggest a few ways to improve services offered to these women and to support them in a respectful and empathic way. Without being exhaustive, this booklet will hopefully increase awareness and reduce ignorance. As professionals, we can do a lot to make sex workers benefit from prejudice-free public or community services. We can take action to oppose stigmatization in our environments and make better-informed interventions to properly fulfill these women’s needs. > Trabajo del sexo: 14 respuestas a sus preguntastrabajo

Live eXXXpressions: Sex Workers Stand Up In Montreal!
Live eXXXpressions is a 15 minute film that reflects on the sex workers rights movement. It provides a glimpse into the Forum XXX, where sex workers' discussions, demands, and struggles for human rights took centre stage. This movie can be seen on YouTube and be downloaded from our web site.

Dancing, Health, Law, Money and Security Matters
STARThese five informational brochures are for people working in the sex industry. They were produced by STAR (Sex Trade Advocacy and Research), assisted by Maggie's, Stella, the Exotic Dancers' Alliance of Canada and the Region of Peel Health. They give tips for how to deal with the most common health and security concerns raised by sex workers. They are all available on line.

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